Skills and experience – a profile

I have many years in creative graphic design and pre-press print, including information graphic design in the web and app environment.

I have many years of visually designing and building websites across multiple design disciplines in varying sectors and steering customers and colleagues in design and brand awareness and brand consistency.  As an effect, I produce HTML5 and CSS3 mark-up.

  • User Interface – UI Design
  • High detail and accurate graphic visualisation
  • Information and Graphic Design
  • Pre-press print production
  • Ecommerce website designs – with a particular interest in the ease of usability and to capture all kinds of visitor groups.
  • More recently, learning WordPress and its structure and customisation
  • Designing off the shelf and custom email templates, and data lists ready for campaigns in Mail Chimp and Dot mailer.
  • Project management and customer interfacing on projects.
  • I have a keen eye for photography and visuals as you would expect
  • June 2017 – Google Digital Garage certification writing and understanding Search Engine Optimisation
  • Blog and website SEO content copywriting.

I have been dealing face to face with customers, project planning, taking briefs and gathering information; some in difficult situations for many years and it holds no fears. I find the direct business and customer contact very enjoyable, engaging and enlightening and it gives a better sense of how they would like their projects to unfold.

I have extensive graphic design and brand design and brand management skills and experience including print and desktop publishing. I really enjoy a role where I can get my teeth into different aspects as it is never too late to learn and apply yourself. There are some exciting technical innovations out there that make a design more exciting. I enjoy being part of this.

I have helped a number of my employers with design strategy for internal and customer projects and have helped extensively in problem solving in many fronts including areas of project co-ordination.

Latest challenges:

  • Continuation of working with WordPress, its plugins and Bootstrap
  • Project management and gathering and sourcing of project materials on a given time frame.
  • Producing marketing phrasing, slogans, strap lines and text content for websites
  • Continuation of producing Brand design and logos and follow on documentation for companies
  • Producing Email templates and campaigns in MailChimp and Dotmailer
  • More advanced design and mark-up override techniques in WordPress using standard and custom templates.
  • Working on the mark-up principles of mobile design and media query formatting
  • Using Adobe XD, Figma and also Sketch for Mac briefly and really seeing the potential for website and app design, prototying, styling and speed and usability of this as well as the Adobe CS packages like Fireworks, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere.
  • Researching and writing blog articles in the last few years whilst at Realnet
  • Writing text for websites for Chargemaster to help the pressured marketing team.
  • Some understanding of the workings of frameworks and version control, GIT, Bitbucket, SourceTree and Buddy app.

I have not had vast experience with prototyping software but I believe this is something that I could pick up reasonably quickly. I have produced block UX using InDesign and Quarkxpress and advanced use of Adobe Acrobat for linking purposes in the past. I have been using the collaboration tool app online called Figma which works like Sketch but exports to Adobe format allowing cross platform Mac PC working too. Also creating flowchart and working wireframe diagrams in the open source software:

Although my skills are in Web design and graphic design, I also have needed to be engaged in other extensive skills to help team members in the companies I have worked in.

I am up for a challenge, practically, technically and intellectually – with a can-do attitude and how to achieve it.

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